Grab Your Gift - CONJURE YOUR DAY - A Guided Meditation

How To Conjure The Life Of Your Dreams

Call On Your Allies

Your Spirit Allies (you know... your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, Akashic Records Guides and the rest of the crew) have a bird's eye view of your life. They can see the shortcuts wayyy better than you can.

Look For The Clues

Once you make the call to your Spirit Team they WILL send you a sign. The car that cut you off... That's a sign! The cute barista that misspelled your name... That's a sign! You just have to know how to interpret it.

Just Add Pixie Dust

Sometimes it's hard to hear/see signs from Spirit. It sure makes navigating this human experience cumbersome. So when all else fails and you feel like your psychic antenna isn't one hunnid, simply turn the magic on!

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Discover Your Magic

You've Been Lied To

Every single thing you've been taught is a result of someone else's belief system. And it's shaped your life (for better or worse) ever since the day you were born. 

You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Struggle IS optional. What if you could discover The Divine Truth to creating a life of purpose, a life of love, and completely eliminate hardship... What would you do?

You Always Have A Choice

Your Spirit Allies guided you here for a reason. They're showing you you are supported and it's time for you to use your powers to transform your life. You ready? Let's go!


I'm Jessica 'Jess' Daniel and Ive been healing mankind within the Akashic Records since 2009. 

As a former Early Childhood Educator, I am a 5th generational seer and healer and use my divine gifts to help LIGHTWORKERS, like yourself, release soul-level blocks so you can MANIFEST the life you truly want.