Archangel Alchemy Course


🔮If you’ve always wanted to play with BIG magick, like from the ANGEL REALM..

🔮.. if you’re crazy about manifesting, but don’t really understand it fully yet..

🔮.. if you’re intuitive or psychic even, and that’s all cool, but you want to do more with this gift…

🔮.. if you’ve been “woo” (spiritual) for as long as you can remember…

🔮.. if you don’t really have a lot of people in your life you can connect with about your woo-ness…

🔮.. if you know this money-manifesting thing gets easier and know it’s your birthright to experience true, soul-aligned abundance, but you can’t seem to attract it for yourself…

then keep on readin’…. 👌

Inviting the Archangels to visit your home for the week has been known to manifest PURE MIRACLES. They can bring healing, support, transformation, abundance, and practical guidance.

Playing with magick is very powerful, especially when you call on your Spirit Allies. Just two months ago I created an altar for the Goddess Oshun and as a result one of the top psychic medium websites in the world plugged my psychic development website to her entire tribe! So this magick stuff DOES WORK. And FAST! Just imagine what can happen when you call on the ARCHANGELS. 😍

Here’s how we played with magick all week long and how you can experience the ALCHEMY as well:

💞Day 1 – Discover the 7 Archangels! 💞 Who they are, what their powers are, and how they can help you create joyous transformation with ease. I’ll also share my personal story of how I MIRACULOUSLY conceived my Rainbow Child with the guidance of Archangel Gabriel!

💞Day 2 – Your Sacred Space! 💞 I share with you how to set up your SACRED space to prepare for the Archangels’ visitation. This includes what supplies you’ll want to have on hand + the sacred RITUAL that ushers them in to help you anchor your intentions!

💞Day 3 – Angel Communication! 💞 I reveal how to communicate with the Archangels and your other Spirit allies for healing and answers through a very effective journaling process. (This isn’t your normal everyday type of journaling so you won’t wanna miss this!) Plus discover how to formulate POWERFUL questions that receive actual answers.

💞Day 4 – Angel Bliss List! 💞 Your Spirit Allies have been sitting on pins and needles (thanks to a thing called “free will”) waiting for you to give them something to do. On day 4 discover the power of an Angel Bliss List, what it is and to use it to manifest WHATEVER the f@!k you want!

This transformational video-based series that comes with downloadable, fillable workbooks is AVAILABLE NOW! Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Archangels Week mini series for a super-aligned investment of $20 😍

And enjoy the bonus 💞Day 5 💞where I reveal my Archangel Visitation ritual altar and walk you through the ritual. Plus all the tweaks I made to make the ritual resonate for my specific intention. (This video will be available after the Archangel Visitation period is complete and manifestations anchored into physical reality — in just 5 days. 🙌🏾)

Get ready to make magick, Sages, as we COLLECTIVELY raise our vibrations and amplify our powers! 🌈🔮💞See you in the first video. 😘