Crystal Grid to Attract Ideal Clients


Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 1.53.42 AMDo you…

  • have crystals sitting around your house collecting dust?
  • wish you knew what to do with them besides look at ’em?
  • want to know how to use crystals to amplify your manifesting?
  • secretly want to attract clients the easy way — using your WOO?

Well here’s something you will LOVE!

In the Spring of 2015 I decided to create a freelance copywriting and social media advertising side-hustle. It was something I always wanted to do, but never had the guts to do because I had no clue how to get clients.

Then I discovered the power of the CRYSTAL GRID and I immediately knew it was the answer to my how-do-I-get-clients prayers!

I instantly got into action, choosing my favorite crystals based on their properties and based on the results I wanted.

And to my surprise … the CRYSTAL GRID WORKED!!!

My income immediately shot up from $100 the month prior (with no crystal grid) to $1500 in less than a week!!! I’ve since then repeated this process to go from $300 to $6K in sales in one month, to $14K in sales the very next month in my spiritual-based biz!

I essentially had the Universe on speed dial.

Prospective clients were lining up left and right to have a PAID consultation with me.

Attracting clients was finally easy. And I attribute it all to this CRYSTAL GRID.


So what exactly is a crystal grid?

Creating a crystal grid creates a portal. A portal that allows you to manifest WHATEVER the f@!k you want much more quickly. It helps attract all the right circumstances to you so your intention WILL manifest.

And the really awesome thing about having your own crystal grid is you can make it any size you want … the bigger the more amplified. AND you already have all the tools you need to get started.

All you need is a room. Or you entire home.


crystal grid banner

And just 4 crystals. Any crystals.

Now what do you do with those crystals?

That’s what I’ll show you in my Crystal Grid to Attract Ideal Clients PDF. >> Click here to download for just $3.99! <<

In this 8-paged quick read you’ll discover:

  • how to design your own crystal grid in just moments and start attracting more money, clients, and opportunities today!
  • how to stop “prospecting” clients and turn them into immediate customers by using your crystal grid!
  • which crystal combinations to use that will make you a client-magnet!
  • the 7 most-powerful crystals to use to accelerate your manifesting process + their unique properties (meaning)!
  • 3 different crystal grids floorpans that anyone can use to attract clients no matter what crystals you have!
  • how to turn your entire home into a crystal grid to turn your manifesting powers ALL THE WAY UP!


Does this sound like what you’ve been asking the Universe for?

Get instant access to the Crystal Grid to Attract Ideal Cients PDF for just $3.99! >> Click here to download <<

crystal grid banner download


I so super excited to see what you manifest once you integrate your own crystal grid!

Abracadabra ✨

xx Jessica