The Ultimate Akashic Records Ecourse

My Dearest Magickal Woman,

You’ve spent the last several months, years, or decades even, knowing there’s something different about you…

It’s as if every time you think about something and it happens.. just moments later!

Like that time you thought about your best friend calling and then 3 minutes later your cell phone rang. And it was actually her!

Or that time you took a random route to work and had no idea why. Only to find out later that day there was a major pile-up on your usual route!

Sometimes you may even get a little freaked out by how spot on your premonitions are.


Maybe you’re waking up to your gift and it’s a little scary. You hear voices. You sense things. You SEE things!! You go around thinking “WTF is wrong with me?!!!”

And forget about telling your friends and family about your what you’re experiencing.
They’ll all think you’ve just gone mad. 

But you’re not crazy, you’re psychic!

But you want to do more with this. For one, you want to stop fearing your abilities.

You want to know how to strengthen it so you can better your life. So you can manifest more. Like a better paying job or an amazing business where you’re monetizing your soul’s purpose.

Or maybe you want to manifest a soul-aligned, earth-quaking, orgasmic new lover.

Or maybe you want to manifest your dream home, weight loss, or just some clarity in your life!

Most importantly, you want to help people. You want to help yourself.

And you’re sick of feeling alone in this so you definitely want a community of kindred souls who are experiencing the same thing you’re experiencing.

If this sounds like you, I know exactly how you’re feeling.

Hi, I’m Jessica-Lynn Sage and I’m a 5th generational psychic who’s been giving professional intuitive readings since 2008. And I’ve been researching intuitive development and the Law of Attraction since 2003.

Over the years I’ve had HUNDREDS of clients say “I’m hearing voices am I going crazy?” or “I can see shadow figures and ghosts! Is this real?” or “I think I’m psychic, how do I know for sure?” or “I’m having these scary dreams that come true. What does this mean?”

These questions lead me to create a beginners guide to understanding how intuition works AND how to strengthen it.

That’s why this all-in-one Psychic Development ecourse was created.



This course is the first step in honing your natural gift and strengthening your intuition to create incredible experiences like:

* Release and heal past life karma and abundance blocks so you can STOP STRUGGLING grinding, and hustling just to get by every month

* Hone psychic abilities and tap into your Soul’s Purpose so you can have more CLARITY than you’ve ever had about which direction to take 

* Increase superpowers so you can manifest whatever the f@!k you want with way MORE EASE and way LESS EFFORT

* & more!

Your intuition is your friend and your servant even.

And with a cultivated intuitive muscle you’ll be able to create more favorable, pleasurable experiences.


In this self-paced, 30-video training you’ll discover:

√ How to ACCESS the most powerful place where intuitive insight comes from very quickly without spending $1000 on a certification course (*hint: it’s the AKASHIC RECORDS!)

√ How to CLEAR your own soul-level karma!

√ How to CONNECT with your Gatekeeper Guides AND Spirit Guides to receive guidance and clarity!

√ How to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between your mind and your intuition!
√ How to ENSURE INTUITIVE ACCURACY so you can read for yourself and others!

√ How to quickly quiet your mind so you can HEAR INTUITION SPEAKING!

√ How to PROTECT YOURSELF from psychic vampires and other low-vibrational entities!

√ How to know which of the 4 Psychic Clairs is your STRONGEST PSYCHIC SUPERPOWER and how to start using it today to manifest WHATEVER the f@!k you want!

You’ll receive over 5 hours of video training with easy step-by-step instruction, and experience a meditative process that many of my clients have exclaimed has left them “buzzing” by the end of it!

You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook for you to take notes and keep track of your insights and intuitive hits.

And there’s more! ….

Many trainings and workshops of this nature run for hundreds of dollars. And you usually have to find someone to watch the kids, throw on some clothes, get all pretty, hop in the car, sit in traffic, then sit in a class for hours on end, and do the same routine for another 1 or 2 extra days.

Thank goodness for the digital age we live in, right?!

Because now you can have immediate access to this training right now. No wasted gas. No paying a sitter. And no sitting in a class with a bunch of strangers.

And since we’re all really busy people these days, ease of access is so important to us all so I pass those savings on to you.


You can have immediate access to over 5 hours of intuitive development training right now (as opposed to next weekend when you’re off work and free to go to a weekend workshop) for as little as $25!

Yep. That’s it.

So if you’ve been asking the Universe to send you a sign that you are psychic and should start strengthening your intuition, this course could be an answer.


To get instant access to the training today!

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So here’s what you’ll get today when you sign up for The Ultimate Akashic Records ecourse:

  • 5 psychic-developing modules including techniques to HEIGHTEN YOUR POWERS and catapult you into the Akashic Records on your first try!
  • a comprehensive 24-page downloadable, fillable workbook to help you digest the content to help you apply the information so it doesn’t end up as “shelf-help”!
  • a private online membership platform to access all your materials!
  • the Meet Your Spirit Allies Akashic Records Attunement meditation to attune you to the vibration of the Records once and for all!

As the creator of The Ultimate Akashic Records Ecourse, I have used this course to recently lose over 50 pounds in just 9 months!! 



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Can’t wait to see you in the first video!

xoxo Ask Spirit