How You’re Blocking Your Blessings

How You’re Blocking Your Blessings

So you’ve set your intention to “receive more”. More opportunities. More money.

And within hours of setting your intention you receive a call from your credit card company offering you an extended line of credit with a REDUCED interest rate!

Upon hearing this news you immediately get really excited. 😆
You exclaim “YES!” to the Universe. Your prayers have been answered.

And then before you can even accept the gift that’s just been sent to you by the Divine, you get scared. The fear of “what if I can’t pay it off?” “But I want to get out of debt, not get more debt.” “More debt is bad!”

All these fears starts to overshadow the brilliance of the beautiful gift you just manifested.

Goddess, in this act of fear, you push down the abundance the Universe sent you. You deny yourself the power of your LIMITLESSNESS!

You see… The Universe is INFINITE. LIMITLESS.

The Universe has no cap on it that says “No, you can’t receive abundance via a gift, a loan, or any other means other than financial!”


The Universe’s job is to fulfill your every wish.

And it provides using the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE.

Oftentimes, the path of least resistance looks nothing like what your mind envisioned or planned. Actually 90% of the time, the path of least resistance has nothing to do with what the logical mind conceives of.

So we *have* to be open.

Open up to the various ways Spirit will answer our prayer, our intention.

I’m willing to bet there are at least 7 ways the Universe is attempting to BLESS you and your situation right now! But you’re blocking its manifestation from grounding into your life.

So I want to invite you to do this quick “Abundance Attracting” exercise to open up the Portal of Possibilities!
1. Grab a sheet of paper or your smartphone
2. Sit in silence for a minute
3. Set an intention to receive clarity on how the Universe is providing for you
4. Write down at least 7 miracles and unexpected gifts you’ve received within the last month
5. Reflect on how these gifts were pure blessings/answers to your prayers!

This small gesture will quickly shift your thoughts from lack to abundance. Allowing you to see all the various ways you’ve always been taken care of.

You will then become a vibrational match for MORE miracles to manifest via the path of least resistance.

It’s really that easy.

Have you been asking the Universe for more ease in life, more clarity with your purpose, less struggle with your finances, your health, your relationships…?

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