Why Does Sacrificing Happiness Makes Things Worse?

Why Does Sacrificing Happiness Makes Things Worse?

I want to ask you a serious question:

Why do we always put people who sacrifice themselves on a pedestal?

For example,  a single mom who “sacrifices” her social life to work 4 jobs to put food on the table…  So this single mom willingly negates what she wants, so she can get what she needs. What’s so cool about that?

Sacrifice IS NOT abundant. Sacrifice breeds lack.

Not doing what you want to do breeds more lack. And it sabotages your manifesting efforts. And it keeps you in a perpetual cycle of opportunity > inaction > opportunity > inaction because your fear tells you you can’t have the opportunity for xyz reasons.

Maybe you sacrifice taking a class you really want because you tell yourself “I can’t afford it, the class will come back next year.” or “I don’t need a lover, I need to focus on my career.”

Whatever record you’ve got playing in your head you’re totally entitled to play it. However, if there is a part of you that doesn’t whole-heartedly believe the record then your decisions are rooted in SACRIFICE. 

But there is a better way, a much more empowering way to get what you want, even if you do feel it’s a bit out of your league, comfort zone, or pocket book!
Watch the video to discover how!

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