How to Make Money Come Easily

How to Make Money Come Easily

We’ve probably all heard the affirmation “Money comes easily, frequently, and abundantly!”. But sometimes it doesn’t.

No matter how many times you repeat the affirmation, journal about it, or plaster it on your vision board.

The TRUTH about what makes money come easily, frequently, and abundantly is ALIGNMENT!!

So WHAT is alignment?

Is it some new age-y dogma?

Not at all.

Alignment refers to the ACTION we take. Because we can think all the positive thoughts in the world,
but if we take action that’s MISaligned (or no action at all) it pushes us further away from the money, clients, weight loss, lover, joy, (or whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest).

It just isn’t enough to repeat mantras and affirmations if the action that comes afterwards isn’t aligned.

So how do you make sure you’re aligned?

For starters take action that FEELS good!

The better the feeling, the more pleasurable the experience, the more aligned you are — which means by default the money WILL come very easily.

And the more often you take action that feels good, the money will come very frequently.

And the more out of your comfort zone you go (but make sure it feels good, scary good!), the money will come… very ABUNDANTLY!

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